Sunday, September 28, 2008

'Absent Impressions' sheds light on relentless slide into dementia

Artist's impression of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias
by Grayce Scholt | Contributing writer
Grand Blanc artist James Shurter explores his perception of his mother's loss of memory as she experiences the ravages of dementia in an exhibit titled "Absent Impressions" at Mott Community College's Fine Arts Gallery.

Upon entering the gallery, viewers are confronted with "Fragments," two large transparent panels hanging from above that are covered with jumbles of letters, numbers and parts of words.

They lead to "Ephemeral," a powerful video installation that dominates the exhibit.

It shows the diffused face of a woman as she moves almost imperceptibly, but certainly, through five transformations. It's as if the woman is trying to decipher the jumbled letters and numbers in front of her that never come together, that never make sense.

Shurter said this is his visual representation of a person who is experiencing Alzheimer's or another dementia's unalterable the whole story

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