Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This May Be the Most Useful Alzheimer's Advice

Posted by Paula Spencer, Caring.com senior editor
Here's the first step to solving countless behavior problems presented by someone with Alzheimer's: Ask, "Why is this happening?"
I'm not referring to the rhetorical question, "Oh why is this happening to me?" although it's sure understandable if that one crosses your mind. But when you're faced with upset, a refusal to cooperate, or even a catastrophic reaction, don't write it off to the craziness of the disease. You can usually solve the matter by stepping back to consider, "Why is this behavior happening? What might be triggering it"
........ You can't rehabilitate someone with Alzheimer's, but you can habilitate them -- step into their world and adjust things accordingly in order to help them be as capable as possible............Why is this happening?'"
Some examples of this idea in action:
* A man stops using the toilet and has an increase in accidents."
Why is this happening? Depth perception fades for someone with Alzheimer's. A white commode fades into a beige wall and is easily overlooked -- therefore not used.
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