Friday, January 9, 2009

Dehydration and dementia

Alzheimer's and Dementia Weekly
Problem: My dad has not been drinking on his own . He used to stop by the sink and get a drink in the kitchen many times a day. Now I can not get him to take any water or Juice during the day .I have offered a wide variety of Gatorade, juice, or hot cocoa . He does drink a small glass of OJ and cup of coffee for breakfast . Then milk for lunch and dinner . That is it He says he is not thirsty and does not want the drink . How harmful is this ? Dad has demensia . He has been slowly progressing downward and not fully aware of what is going on around him. Does he not realize he is thirsty or does and forgets ? He is eating really well but losing the weight
Possible Solution offered by Nurse Dina: Here are some things you might try to increase your dad's fluid intake: First, if possible, avoid caffeinated beverages as they tend to have diuretic properties. Try serving foods that have a high water content such as yogurt, jello, nutritious soups, fruit shakes and the like. Speak with your doctor and see if he recommends nutritional supplements like Ensure.

If your dad is eating but loosing weight, he the rest

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