Sunday, February 13, 2011

Why the National Alzheimer's Project Act is Important

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Alzheimer's communityAlzheimer's Association

Friends of the National Alzheimer's Project Act(NAPA) was created to convey the broad, deep and united support for NAPA's swift, successful implementation. Organizations participated in an introductory meeting on January 21, 2011, where the discussion included key reasons why NAPA is important not just for the Alzheimer's community but for the nation as a whole. More than 30 of these same organizations joined together in signing on to the first Friends of NAPA advertisement, which will run in the Washington Post on Sunday, February 6th – the date of President Ronald Reagan’s Centennial. The advertisement will also run the next day, February 7, in the Capitol Hill newspapers: Politico, Roll Call and The Hill. On an on-going basis, we will seek input from key stakeholder groups and convene meetings to build as broad a movement as possible. If you represent an organization that may wish to participate in Friends of NAPA, contact us.

Thank you for your interest in NAPA and advancing the nation's efforts to overcome this disease.

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