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Will you be mentally sharp at the end of your life

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Scientists think that people who can play bridge to a ripe old age may carry the secret because bridge provides two kinds of stimulation. It provides mental and social stimulation.

Scientists suspect that some people with deep experience in a game like bridge may be able to draw on reserves to buffer against memory lapses. But there is not enough evidence one way or the other to

The tragedy of dementia is in many cases, the condition quickly robs people of self-awareness. They will not voluntarily abandon the one thing that, perhaps more than any other, defines their daily existence.

Some researchers say that mental stimulation such as doing crossword puzzles, reading books and playing bridge, may delay the occurrence of symptoms. Socializing, including interaction with friends, may be very important, some say. When people are alone, a healthy human mind can go blank and quickly become disoriented, many psychologists have found.

There is quite a bit of evidence that suggests that the more people you have contact with, in your own home or outside, may be just as important as mental stimulation some studies say.

In recent years scientists have become intensely interested in people have lived past 90 without a trace dementia. It is a group that, for the first time, is large enough to provide a glimpse into the lucid brain at the furthest reach of human life, and to help researchers tease apart what, exactly, is essential in preserving mental sharpness to the end.

In studies of the very old, researchers in California, New York, Boston and elsewhere have found...read all of Will you be mentally sharp at the end of your life

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