Friday, May 25, 2012

Why you should beat smoking

Health care professionals and caregivers of people with dementia and other neurological problems, here is some information you will find useful.

Smoking has been shown to be bad for all people. It affects every organ in your body in a negative way. There is nothing good about it. Yet millions of people still smoke despite the risk they put themselves at.

If you or a loved one have been a lifelong smoker, you are at a huge risk for developing dementia sooner rather than later. Of course you or a loved one may escape the clutches of dementia, but you could develop heart disease, lung cancer or kidney disease by smoking.

What is really bad is if your loved one already has dementia. There are just so many risks if he or she continues to smoke. First of all, the dementia will progress more rapidly than if he or she quit. It may be hard to get him or her to stop because he or she is so used to doing it

Also imagine the safety risk. They could easily start a fire by being careless lighting the cigarette. Or he or she could fall asleep while his or her cigarette is still burning.

If you, the caregiver, smoke, then your loved one with dementia undoubtedly will have some negative effects from the second hand smoke. So you and they need to be beating smoking before it is too late.

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