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Top Appropriate Holiday Gifts For Those With Dementia

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Christmas,Chanukah and alike are the perfect chance to give gifts that are not only enjoyable but also are beneficial to persons with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia. These presents keep on giving long after the holiday season is gone

Over 5.4 million Americans are living with dementia. Is one of them someone you know or work with? Get him/her or anyone with Alzheimer's disease a gift that will keep on giving long after the holiday is gone.

First on the list of gifts is a book by Susan Berg called Adorable Photographs of Our Baby -- Meaningful, Mind-Stimulating Activities and More for the Memory Challenged, Their Loved Ones and Involved Professionals, This book features baby photographs that seniors with dementia love. This book shares a plethora of ideas and resources for you.

Another gift dementia persons will fancy is a holiday classic musical such as: “White Christmas” or “Holiday Inn”,

For those who are Jewish, we have, Debbie Friedman's "Miracles and Wonders: A Hanukkah Musical" and “A Taste of Chanukah”

Next is a sing a long CD or audio cassette of their favorite love songs. There is a series of these called, Old Time Favorites by Nancy Pitkin. Especially for Christmas, Mitch Miller’s sing a long gang has a CD and video for a dementia person’s holiday pleasure.

“Chanukah Favorites”, by award-winning Jewish performer, Judy Caplan Ginsburgh, is a great CD for Jewish people with dementia

You may want to get a sing a long video where your loved one can see and hear performers singing songs they love and are about love. A good one is, Sing-Along with Phil Bernardi: Songs We Know and Love

Here is another idea. Give a friend with dementia some hand lotion. Any kind will do. Just be aware of any allergies or pain issues he/she might have. If he/she can tolerate it, those with a pleasant scent work well. Give him/her a relaxing hand massage talking about how good the hand massage feels, how much you love this person, and a holiday experience you both share from the past.

If you cannot afford or do not have time to get these gifts, give the gift all of Top Appropriate Holiday Gifts For Those With Dementia

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