Thursday, October 10, 2013

Best pain relieving devices for those with dementia

Dementia healthcare professionals, other healthcare professionals and caregivers, here is some information you will find useful for clients and loved ones with dementia as well as others you might care for.
There are times that a person with dementia may be in pain and they have trouble or are resistive to taking medication. One way to relieve their pain is to use an LGMedSupply Muscle Stimulators , Ultrasound Units and/or Tens Unit for relief of pain for you or for someone you care for who needs pain relief and/or rehabilitation. 
These devices are relatively easy to use, cost effective and do not require the patient or loved one swallow any pills which as you know can be difficult for a patient to take especially if they have dysphagia (swallowing difficulties).
LGMedical Supply Company is easy to deal with because they have a wide variety of the latest and greatest pain relieving supplies. They are always adding products because they have an excellent research and development team. They do not charge unreasonable rates and they are always having specials on their products. Besides this, they stand by their products, and they have an excellent customer service department. Employees of LGMedical are always willing to share product information so you can choose the right products for you, your clients or your loved one.

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