Saturday, July 19, 2008

Invest in your brain to prevent Alzheimers

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Program may ward off Alzheimer's disease

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One local neurologist says your brain works like an interest-bearing account.
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When Dr. Marshall Welles was born, ballpoint pens, traffic lights and washing machines did not exist.
The first television I ever saw was at the World's Fair in the 1930s," said Dr. Welles.
How does he stay so sharp and active? His neurologist, Dr. Vince Fortanasce, says it's a four-pronged plan that involves diet, exercise, accentuating the brain's reserves, and rest and relaxation. He calls it the "DEAR" Program, an anti-Alzheimer's prescription.
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Ruth said...

It appears that there is a lot of new research going on into how diet and exercise affect Alzheimer's disease as well as other chronic diseases. I've been reading about the APO E Gene Diet recently, which has been hailed as an integrative approach to eating that is changing the way Alzhieimer's, heart disease, and other ailments are treated.

Fitness is important in dementia prevention. Click below for more info