Sunday, August 24, 2008

Brain stimulation improves memory in Alzheimer's

Aug 22, 2008

By Will Boggs, MD

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Electrical stimulation of the brain may improve memory and recognition in elderly people who suffer from Alzheimer's disease, results of a study hint.

"Our preliminary data on Alzheimer's disease patients are promising as we observed beneficial effects after a single session of transcranial direct current stimulation," Dr. Alberto Priori from the University of Milan told Reuters Health, "suggesting that chronic daily application might induce even greater improvement."

"Our studies encourage broader research programs using different stimulation protocols and longer clinical follow-up to clarify the impact this therapy might have on patients' daily functional activities," Priori added...

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Author Susan Berg and others believe that mind stimulating activities go a long way in keeping an Alzheimer's or dementia person's mind working better

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