Saturday, March 12, 2011

Could this heart medication prevent dementia

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Medical experts have said that drugs designed to help regulate heartbeats may cut the risk of Dementia.

The news comes after recent research regarding sufferers of atrial fibrillation (aka AF) suggested that patients treating the condition with certain drugs might also be dramatically cutting their chances of developing dementia. Experts say that after examining 50,000 AF sufferers it was determined that such patients have more than twice the risk of developing dementia after a stroke.

Recent studies on the matter were published in the Neurology journal, in which scientist now say that in-depth research need to be conducted to determine which AF drugs could be affective in delaying or preventing dementia and if they should be used for that purpose.

Atrial Fibrillation affects more people than any other heart condition. Rebecca Wood said on behalf of Alzheimer’s Research UK said that research was needed urgently on the matter. She said that it wasn’t yet known for sure if AF treatments will delay or prevent the onset of dementia in such a high-risk group.

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