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Medicaid: What is it

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How Medicaid Works

By Joseph L. Matthews,
What is Medicaid?
Medicaid is a federal government program to help provide healthcare coverage to certain categories of people who have low income and few assets (other than the home they live in). Among those covered by Medicaid are people over 65 and those with disabilities. Each state runs its own version of Medicaid, with slightly different rules and coverage.

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The Medicaid program has several different parts:

Medicaid medical coverage includes most common forms of healthcare, as explained in this article. Medicaid medical benefits cover at least the same healthcare services that Medicare does, as well as some services that Medicare doesn't cover. Medicaid also pays Medicare premiums, deductibles, and co-payments for people who are enrolled in both programs.
A separate part of Medicaid covers long-term nursing home care.
Special Medicaid-funded programs cover long-term, in-home personal care. Income and asset eligibility rules for these long-term, at-home care programs are usually quite a bit looser than for regular Medicaid medical coverage.
In some states, a Medicaid-related program can pay some of the cost of assisted living.
Finding out about your state's Medicaid programs
To find out exactly what Medicaid and Medicaid-related programs operate in your state, what they cover, and who's eligible, contact a local office of your state's Medicaid program. To find a local Medicaid office, go to the federal government's website and choose your state. This will take you to a page with contact information for your state's Medicaid program and information about local offices.

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Medicaid is the federal program, administered individually by each state, that provides medical benefits for seniors and others with low-income and few assets. In every state, Medicaid pays the full cost of care in a nursing facility for someone eligible for the program.thanks for sharing with us !
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