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Eye Test to Detect Alzheimer's Disease

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The eye test that may help diagnose Alzheimer's dsease detects dying nerve cells within the eye's retina. Dying nerve cells are one of the early signs of Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer's disease is a devastating mind robbing disease. At present, there is no cure. Usually the first sign of this disease is short tem memory loss. There are other thinking, speech and behavior problems as
Alzheimer's disease progresses. These problems are caused by brain cell death. Unfortunetaly, by the time the first outward memory problems occur, many brain cells have already died.

The new research which uses eye tests to detect dying nerve cells in the eye's retina were done in laboratories at the University College of London by Professor Francesca Cordeiro and other scientists Other research centers in Italy and the United States also studied this eye test. The research detected whether the technique could spot retinal cell death in the retinas of mice. The study was published in the journal, Cell Death and Disease.

Making a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease is difficult so another test to help identify this condition would be helpful. Right now it is too early to say how soon this eye test might be available. Also it is not clear as to whether it would be safe, useful, or even able to be done in humans.

In this study scientists used a system to test nerve-cell death in the retina of the eyes of.mice. Because of similarities between nerve-cell death in the eye and in the brain, they hoped that this technique might give insight into brain nerve-cell death.

The researchers all of...Eye Test to Detect Alzheimer's Disease

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