Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Can Vitamin D3 in Combination with This Spice Reverse Alzheimer’s Disease Progression?

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Patients with Alzheimer's disease tend to suffer from brain amyloidosis, a condition related to defective clearance of amyloid-beta in their brains by their innate immune system.

In order to improve the innate immune system of Alzheimer’s patients, researchers looked at the immune stimulation effects of vitamin D3 in combination with curcumin, an active compound found in the spice turmeric.

According to the study, as reported by Green Med Info:

“[Vitamin D3] is a promising hormone for [Alheimer’s] immunoprophylaxis because in Type I macrophages combined treatment with ... D3 and curcuminoids has additive effects, and in Type II macrophages ... D3 treatment is effective alone.”

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