Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Culprit in Alzheimer's Disease May Be 2 Defective Proteins Acting Together

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There are two proteins in the brain that become abnormal when a person has Alzheimer's disease. These two proteins are beta amyloid and tau. When combined, the result is problems in the parts of the brain cells that
make energy for the cells. These findings are a result of new research and have been published online in " Neurobiology of Aging. "

This research has scientists thinking that the abnormal forms of beta amyloid and tau may work together to destroy brain cells. Beta amyloid and tau make up plaques and tangles in the brain of a person with Alzheimer's disease.

This information is part of a number of findings from a few different laboratories that are studying a part of the cell called the mitochondria. Many researchers believe problems with the mitochondria may be responsible for many abnormal brain conditions like Alzheimer's disease.

The mitochondria of the cell are the energy producers inside all cells, including the neurons. The mitochondria are always working to produce the energy cells need to stay alive. Also, the mitochondria are like the control center of the cells and are in charge of many functions like keeping the amount of calcium in a cell at normal levels. If there is something wrong with a cell's mitochondria, all of The Culprit in Alzheimer's Disease May Be 2 Defective Proteins Acting Together

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