Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top Ways to Help a Veteran with Dementia on Memorial Day

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Veterans who suffer from various forms of dementia, including Alzheimer's disease, often have very specific care needs. It is important that these veterans are cared for by people who understand their condition and
have the appropriate instruction and skills. Therefore, encourage family members of veterans to gain the training they need to care for their loved one with dementia.

For those in nursing homes and other institutions, make sure veterans with dementia are visited often. All people, including those with memory loss, need human contact. They need to be hugged. They need to hear your voice. They may not know you but as long as you know who they are, that's all that matters.

Talk to them about their service to our country. They will often share stories with you because their time in the service made a huge impression on them. Tell them how proud you are of them. Thank them for their service. This is sure to make them feel good. Most likely, it will make them smile. Smiling is good for everyone. It will put you and the veteran in a better mood almost automatically. Laughter is wonderful too. It is great medicine and will put both of you in a better frame of mind.

Sing patriotic songs with a veteran with dementia. They will often be able to sing many familiar songs even though they may not be able to speak. Singing in general is good for a veteran in so many ways. Read, "Sing with Me," for the reasons why.

Read to them. Have them read to you. Large simple statements are best. You or they can read prose or poetry. You could also write a story with the veteran.

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