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Latest Research Shows Alzheimer's Protein Disrupts Normal Brain Cell Function

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Scientists at the University of South Florida said that it was determined that a protein associated with Alzheimer's disease clogs some of the motors needed for cell transport. The experiments were conducted using human cell cultures and frog egg extracts. This finding was part of a new study at Byrd Alzheimer's Institute which is Florida's Alzheimer's Disease Research Center. This finding was also reported at Indiana University. This information was published in the journal Cell Cycle online.

This protein called beta amyloid seems to interfere with the normal division of the cells in the brain. The build up of beta amyloid leads to defective neurons (nerve cells in the brain). The defective neurons contribute directly to the memory loss that is found in Alzheimer's disease. As more beta amyloid builds up more neurons are affected and this most likely causes the memory loss seen in Alzheimer's disease to progress. The scientists conducting the study feel that by identifying a new and important target of the beta amyloid protein, drugs can be developed to protect the motors from destruction and allow the brain to regenerate.

This latest study adds to earlier research done by Dr. Huntington Potter, professor of Molecular Medicine, lead investigator and those working with him. Their earlier research showed that the beta amyloid protein was the culprit that damages the transport system responsible for moving nutrients in the brain cells. The microtubules are important in separating newly duplicated chromosomes as cells divide. When the duplicated chromosomes do not segregate properly, they can create cells with the incorrect number and incorrect mixture of genes.

Over 20 years ago, Potter stated the idea that read all of Latest Research Shows Alzheimer's Protein Disrupts Normal Brain Cell Function

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